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Few game series today equal the popular appeal, influence and legacy of the first Counter-Strike game. Counter-Strike is one of those games that helped popularize their genre – it is, after all, one of the classic first-person shooters. Having started as a mod for Half-Life, Counter-Strike soon took a life of its own. And it became so popular that it is now even played professionally in specialized tournaments.
Much of its appeal comes from the basic setting: terrorists fighting counter-terrorist units in a series of mission rounds, with the player choose which team to be part of. This means you can be either placing or defusing bombs, escorting VIPs or abducting them, rescuing hostages or keeping them under your control – it’s your choice. Missions can be won either by fulfilling the mission goals or by eliminating all members of the opposing team. What’s more, the stakes are really high on each round: if your character dies on that round, you’re dead. You don’t get injured and then get better, you don’t respawn. You’re dead. Until, of course, the round is over and it’s time to play another one. Skill, tactical intelligence, quick reflexes – all of this is essential to survive and thrive in the Counter-Strike world. This game is highly recommended for all those who enjoy a good, challenging first person shooter.

Software Review

Classic and engaging FPS game series

Counter-Strike is a popular and critically-acclaimed series of first-person shooter video games. One of the first games of its kind, the original Counter-Strike helped establish the first-person genre as one of the most popular in the world. In the Counter-Strike games, the player can choose between joining two opposing teams: a terrorist team or a counter-terrorist team. The game is organized by rounds, and in each of these the player must defeat the opposing team, either by successfully carrying out the mission objectives or by eliminating all members of the opposing team. Usual missions may involve placing or defusing bombs, escort missions and hostage taking or rescue. The player can also choose between different character types, and has the ability to buy and customize equipment before each mission.
The Counter-Strike series has had several different instalments: Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Spin-off games have also been produced: Counter-Strike Neo and Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, as well as a Counter-Strike online series, available in several Asian countries. The Counter-Strike games can be played in several platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Xbox 360.
Counter-Strike has remained very popular throughout the years, and is nowadays played professionally in specialized tournaments.


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Astro says:
  • Suitable for hours of gameplay
  • Can be played solo or with friends
  • Fun for players of all ages
  • The graphics could use considerable improvement.
  • Lacks improvements made by other games

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Rating: 6 (Users32206)
Ranking in Action Games: 1
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License: Buy
File size: 1200.00 MB
Last updated: 22/12/2016
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, More...
Developer: Valve Corporation
Download count (English): 474,617
Download count (Worldwide): 2,244,423

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